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Aerial Videography

So I have recently started flying a quadcopter around and attempting to get a demo reel piece together to promote with. Take a look and let me know your thoughts.


lazy press = lazy public?

lazy press = lazy public?



1. averse or disinclined to work, activity, or exertion; indolent.

2. causing idleness or indolence: a hot, lazy afternoon.

3. slow-moving; sluggish: a lazy stream.


Now it would be easy to jump in and start with the fact that America (and Americans) for the most part exemplify this definition in almost all parts of it  however that would be unfair because the world as a whole is leaning more towards the idea that laziness is better in certain aspects. 


Yes Americans for the most part are lazy, in our professions, attitudes, understanding of the world and others. In fact the only thing we are not lazy in I would say is our stubbornness that we are the best and that everyone else should be like us. We love our ignorance and hate to try anything that is outside of our comfort zone. 


Our understanding of the world comes through filtered media and our phones, tablets and websites. We do not push to go beyond them for any reason. Nor do we question them even when we know they have messed up and reported false information because they were too lazy to dig for the truth. 


All too often the news that we receive is based on the squeaky wheel syndrome that whoever (groups, politicians, organizations, etc) is yelling the loudest must be correct and therefore thats all we should listen to. Forget facts and truth if they are yelling and standing outside with signs than they must have something serious to say and therefore we should give them the airwaves. 

Yes we should let them speak, freedom of speech is amazingly important in this times, however if they are screaming falsehoods and irrational ideas then someone else should stand up and debate them. Ask the tough questions, the follow ups and call them out. That is the part of journalism that has been missing for awhile. 


As some of you know I work in the entertainment side of the media industry and most of what I create or work on is fiction. I love what I do and the projects I work on because it gives me freedom to design worlds, stories and characters that otherwise could or might not exist in our world. It is getting harder and harder to distinguish sometimes what I see in a script versus what is being spouted from the mouths of journalists. The worst is not seeing anything new being covered or mentioned for several days because a story is stuck in neutral. Watching “credible” journalists being to share the opinions and thoughts on a story because they have nothing else to say is heartbreaking. Some of their insights bring to light how they should be hosting a celebrity watch segment instead of covering serious stories like the #BostonMarathonBombing or #BangladeshFactoryCollapse. 


Todd Gitlin a professor at Columbia University wrote an excellent op ed piece on http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/2013/04/2013429908239938.html


This piece really highlights a lot of issues that most Americans have not heard about or even cared to see. Currently the top story on CNN’s site is ‘Missing woman shows up after 11 years’ while Al Jazeera is covering the crisis in Syria. I am not saying that Al Jazeera is above the rest of the media outlets nor do they get it right everytime but they have been far above most of the others throughout several stories. 


I started out my college education as a Communications/Journalism major and still find myself wishing I had gone down that road and ended up being a news segment producer covering stories around the world. However I have to question that if I had would I be in the same boat as the rest right now and find myself being lazy with my work? 


Sure I have my lazy days where I sit on Netflix and zone out for a bit. I strive to try and push myself to understand the world, the ongoing situations that constantly shape how we all live in this world and what can make that suddenly change. 


My hope in writing this is not to offend (granted I know it will in some regards) but to ask the question are we being too lazy? If I do offend does it help to push you outside your comfort zone? As I often say in my work emails and paperwork if there is an error please call me out and show it to me. If I do not realize I made a mistake than I will continue to do so and then I too become part of the problem. 


I wish you all the best and hope that you have a wonderful and educational day. 

Thanks for reading. 


Break Free music video

Break Free music video

Break Free a music video and track created to support those who have been bullied and to show that there is support for anyone who needs it. 

Please share. 

Break Free music video credits:

Maggie Ballard – @maggieballard47
Anna Marie Odom – @AnnaOdom

Morgan Walston

Produced by:
un inc studios – @unincstudios
Kyle Bucher – @kylephoto

Audio Engineer:
Hunter Hansen

Music Track:
EA Productions – EAProductions20 (youtube)

having fun

I am a firm believer in fun and that it should be experienced in all facets of life. Work is one of the few places that most people feel that they can not have fun in this world another is court, but thats a different story.

I have never understood people that say that the workplace is not for fun and that it should be all seriousness all the time. If you are not having fun at work then you should quit your job and go back to doing what you did in High School and College because at least then you were having fun in some regards, granted it was cheap fun.

Recently while trying to get a gear quote for an upcoming shoot I came across this page on Borrowlenses.com and it made me start laughing. This is what Im talking about by having fun at work and enjoying what you do.

Borrow Lenses More Cowbell.

Share and enjoy the fun and remember to find some way to have fun at your job everyday.


What is it that we as a world are fascinated by? Lately it seems our attention has shifted about every 15 minutes as the corporate news organizations find a new topic or subject to shift towards even though they always come back to the same basics, war, sex, greed, celebrity and politics. 


Why is it that these topics fascinate us so much? Is it because we crave the drama and depressing news of how screwed up our world is? CNN has a small video a day called ‘distraction’ and this video is always something cute or funny that creates a short upbeat in an otherwise down day of news. 


What if we flipped that paradigm and instead had news that was mostly upbeat and healthy while the depressing crap was left out? Well then I guess we could equate that to living in a fantasy world where everything is seen through rose colored lenses. I personally do not want to be shielded completely from the horrors of this world or knowing what we need to fix, because if we do that then nothing will ever be fixed. However I am a fan of getting rid of some of the ‘created’ drama and allowing more positive messages to come through. 


Having worked in reality TV for awhile I can safely say that not all programming is pure junk or fiction. Some of it has a positive message and shows people actually trying to better their lives and society. These are the shows that we need to promote and the stories that need to be told. Not the ever indulgent filth that seems to get the best ratings simply because the majority of Americans want to laugh and critique someone else’s life from their couches without feeling any repercussions about their own crap. We are all to eager as a society to watch someone destroy their lives for the sake of money and instant fame (and I use that term loosely) in their search for their 15minutes.


Where do all these retired or discarded reality stars go? Probably the same place as former lottery winners who blow their savings, the depressing state of poor and forgotten in some desolate corner of society. 


Can we not as a society do better? Can we not teach the next generation to be better and learn from our mistakes? We teach in history about the former great civilizations that all crumbled and yet we too are on a path to destruction, why is this? Have we not learned anything? Oh sure we will not be undone by some plague or rival civilization like Macedonia, Aztecs and such but something will bring us to our knees at some point. We were almost their with economic depression decades ago and again almost recently. 


There are more non-profits and organizations today trying to make a stand in their communities for change and we even have a President who campaigned on the word and philosophy so where is it? I am not one to lay it all on one persons head or even one group, nor do I say that its because of one variable. It is because of multiple variables or dominos if you will that have started falling long before I was born and will continue to fall or be pushed over every day until the last hits the floor. We have all contributed and it will take us all to make the change real. 


So my question to everyone is; what is your fascination? What fascinates you enough to help make a change for the better or worse? Will we all continue to be fascinated by the ‘shiny’ (sorry Firefly fans not that shiny) things instead of focusing on the gritty aspects of life that need to be changed? Image

Heartbrakes AlleyCat!

Hey guys if you are in the Birmingham, AL area this Saturday try and make an appearance at this event even if you are not going to race. Its going to be a fun evening with some cycling, live music and some great local brewed beer!

heartbrakes alleycat

inspiration surrounds…

Trying to find inspiration can be hard at times, currently Im sitting in a cafe/coffee shop in Birmingham, AL called Urban Standard as I have done many times while back in the area in between gigs. Im surrounded by all types of people, some I know or recognize but most I dont.

There are business types, artists, college students and just the eclectic mix that is Birmingham, all are here for coffee, lunch, conversation and well who knows what else. In this melting pot of Southern atmosphere and randomness I spend time reading blogs, listening to random music, watching videos and generally trying to find inspiration to work on my own work instead of just pass the hours. Yesterday I was here for a few hours working on the Redemptive Cycles piece I posted earlier trying to mix the audio and find the right song by a friend of mine Ian Eubanks aka Poison Kitchen and the entire time just people watching.

All in all being in here almost pushes me to focus on my work but also be distracted by the art of life around me. I constantly overhear conversations about other artists, photographers and people going about their business and it amazes me to think how big our world is and how much goes on in it at every given moment. These times remind me that no matter how stuck I feel or how un-inspired I am that life still goes on and I just have to look somewhere else.


Now if only I could find a way to bottle all of that and sell it to other creatives out there…