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Heartbrakes AlleyCat!

Hey guys if you are in the Birmingham, AL area this Saturday try and make an appearance at this event even if you are not going to race. Its going to be a fun evening with some cycling, live music and some great local brewed beer!

heartbrakes alleycat


Creative world of Dogfish Head.

So most of us are somewhat aware of the recent comeback of craft brewing and the wonderful beers that are arising because of it. One of the more prolific and interesting tales is that of Dogfish Head Brewery and Sam Calagione its founder.

He just made the Fast Company Most Creative People 2011 list at number 46 and recently spoke at their conference about his company and craft brewing. Check out the video that they captured and hear from him directly as well as Sam Kass (number 11 on the Most Creative People 2011 list) the White House assistant chef and food policy advisor about what he is doing inside the White House concerning craft brewing.

Dogfish Head unique recipe for creating a great beer company and how beer started civilization.


So Im in Nashville for a bit taking care of some meetings and work stuff and I cant help but notice the amount of PBR inspired art billboards, bus benches and mural paintings around town. Curious as to what was up to I went to their site and found this unique little competition they have going on.


Apparently if you submit some original artwork and they choose it you can win some cool PBR gear and maybe even some beer!