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having fun

I am a firm believer in fun and that it should be experienced in all facets of life. Work is one of the few places that most people feel that they can not have fun in this world another is court, but thats a different story.

I have never understood people that say that the workplace is not for fun and that it should be all seriousness all the time. If you are not having fun at work then you should quit your job and go back to doing what you did in High School and College because at least then you were having fun in some regards, granted it was cheap fun.

Recently while trying to get a gear quote for an upcoming shoot I came across this page on Borrowlenses.com and it made me start laughing. This is what Im talking about by having fun at work and enjoying what you do.

Borrow Lenses More Cowbell.

Share and enjoy the fun and remember to find some way to have fun at your job everyday.


set life

Day 12 on the current production and the first two weeks were very intense and hectic somewhat due to the nature of what we were shooting but also due to the human nature and interactions that we all have in high stress environments.

We have survived though and now its onto a somewhat easier schedule of shooting and less intense scenes for our actors and crew. Being in production is one of the greatest feelings in the world, its chaos one minute and calm the next. Its unpredictable even though we do our best to schedule and plan every detail and minute there is always a fluctuation that occurs and requires us to be flexible and fluid.

I have heard production be explained as being like the states of water (gas, liquid and solid), an anarchist riot and pure adrenaline, all of which are true at times.

When people ask my why I do this job and why I put up with the crap, long hours, intense personalities and craziness I simply say that ‘it beats having a standard routine desk job’. Sure Im behind a desk part of the day in this job but my office does not exist in just a building, it is the world.

So here is to another fun day on set and whatever chaos it might bring.

MLS Promo 2012 Shoot
NBC Sports
Blink Productions
Canon 5D Mark II
28mm, f/5.6, 1/640th
ISO 1250

one big camera!

Every one knows Polaroid and the instant joy that it can create when a photo comes straight out of the camera full of color and life. So why would a Polaroid picture be worth thousands of dollars, is it because of the person in the photograph or maybe because of the camera taking it?

Well thats the case here with the 20×24 Polaroid camera. 7 of which were made and only 6 still exist in the world. Costing over a thousand dollars a day to rent and each photo running about $200 a piece just to make it is not for the avid photographer or model. Forbes Life recently did an article on the camera and a few of the lucky ones to use it and be photographed by it, take a look.

Forbes Life Land Grab article.

flip upgrades?

So you push a red button and suddenly you are making a movie, right? Well if you have a Flip camera yeah thats about it, however to truly delve into the world of movie making and videography there are a few important features that Flip cameras leave off; adjustable focus, lens selection, zoom and upgradable audio.

So what are tweens, adults, curious kids and possible future budding cinematographers supposed to do? Well besides getting a better camera and equipment, which means a lot of money invested, they can wait for the Flip add-ons to start dropping from Cisco.

Got your interest? Check this out for more information.

Flip upgrades in the near future.

canon 60d

Well Im a little slow on posting this due to other distractions but I am psyched for the release of another DSLR camera from Canon. This time its the 60d which is basically an upgrade to the T2i camera in capabilities but settle in just under the 7d’s current offerings.

Me personally Im waiting for the second gen 7d to come out to make a decision on upgrading my camera. Of course there is always the rumor of a newer 5d dropping next year at some point as well.

Anyways back to the 60d if you want to know more about it here is a quick little piece from B&H Insights that gives a rundown on the features.

Canon 60d.