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inspiration surrounds…

Trying to find inspiration can be hard at times, currently Im sitting in a cafe/coffee shop in Birmingham, AL called Urban Standard as I have done many times while back in the area in between gigs. Im surrounded by all types of people, some I know or recognize but most I dont.

There are business types, artists, college students and just the eclectic mix that is Birmingham, all are here for coffee, lunch, conversation and well who knows what else. In this melting pot of Southern atmosphere and randomness I spend time reading blogs, listening to random music, watching videos and generally trying to find inspiration to work on my own work instead of just pass the hours. Yesterday I was here for a few hours working on the Redemptive Cycles piece I posted earlier trying to mix the audio and find the right song by a friend of mine Ian Eubanks aka Poison Kitchen and the entire time just people watching.

All in all being in here almost pushes me to focus on my work but also be distracted by the art of life around me. I constantly overhear conversations about other artists, photographers and people going about their business and it amazes me to think how big our world is and how much goes on in it at every given moment. These times remind me that no matter how stuck I feel or how un-inspired I am that life still goes on and I just have to look somewhere else.


Now if only I could find a way to bottle all of that and sell it to other creatives out there…


Trenta = 31oz?

Attention serious coffee drinkers, for those who need several refills in the morning just to get started at work you are in luck. Starbucks is starting a new size tomorrow for select states and will be available nationwide by May 3, called the Trenta.

Now with a name like Trenta I automatically start thinking in the 30 oz range and sure enough this cup of coffee will be coming in at 31 oz.

My question is who will be drinking this size of coffee and more importantly who will be able to finish this before the coffee begins to cool down?

We as Americans are just continuing our tradition of super sizing, enlarging and generally cranking things up another level until we hit 11.

Thank you Starbucks for feeling that we all need more coffee.

Starbucks at 40?

Whether you love or hate Starbucks it has done a lot to change the way people drink and experience coffee. This March Starbucks turns 40 and here is a short video from the CEO about their future and past.

Starbucks at 40.

80’s coffee shop

So if you are a child of the 80’s and you like coffee then you are in luck. Wormhole coffee in Chicago is your mecca for all things 80’s.

Wormhole Coffee video report.