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inspiration surrounds…

Trying to find inspiration can be hard at times, currently Im sitting in a cafe/coffee shop in Birmingham, AL called Urban Standard as I have done many times while back in the area in between gigs. Im surrounded by all types of people, some I know or recognize but most I dont.

There are business types, artists, college students and just the eclectic mix that is Birmingham, all are here for coffee, lunch, conversation and well who knows what else. In this melting pot of Southern atmosphere and randomness I spend time reading blogs, listening to random music, watching videos and generally trying to find inspiration to work on my own work instead of just pass the hours. Yesterday I was here for a few hours working on the Redemptive Cycles piece I posted earlier trying to mix the audio and find the right song by a friend of mine Ian Eubanks aka Poison Kitchen and the entire time just people watching.

All in all being in here almost pushes me to focus on my work but also be distracted by the art of life around me. I constantly overhear conversations about other artists, photographers and people going about their business and it amazes me to think how big our world is and how much goes on in it at every given moment. These times remind me that no matter how stuck I feel or how un-inspired I am that life still goes on and I just have to look somewhere else.


Now if only I could find a way to bottle all of that and sell it to other creatives out there…


I would like _____________________

What would you like to see or hear about? What would you like to see created or posted?

Stop Motion Analogue Style

Analogue+stop motion film+creativity=

enjoy and if you want to learn more about Lomography go here:


out of work robots find new work

So what do out of work robots do? Find a new job, thats what.

Kind of inspiring seeing something that was solely created for one job move onto a new job outside of their original meaning. Helps me keep my head up when seeing all of those around me unemployed and looking for work.

Robots with new jobs.

doodling is working?

Well if you are part of the Google logo team then yes, it is!

Imagine getting to simply create hundreds of different creations all based off one simple word with ever changing themes? Simply put a creative’s dream with some limitations to help encourage the creativity.

Read this article by CNET’s Daniel Terdiman that includes a few examples of Google logos from outside the US. What you thought we were the only one’s who got custom logos?

Google Doodling.


Curious to what your workspace and office might be saying about you or your work? How about if it is hindering your productivity or collaborations? Here is an article about a complete office make over in Shanghai that screams creativity and confusion.

Shanghai office.

Here are three more offices that have been overhauled and changed to reflect a companies desire to change how they work.

JWT\'s office

Ogilvy China

15 inspiring offices