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Day 12 on the current production and the first two weeks were very intense and hectic somewhat due to the nature of what we were shooting but also due to the human nature and interactions that we all have in high stress environments.

We have survived though and now its onto a somewhat easier schedule of shooting and less intense scenes for our actors and crew. Being in production is one of the greatest feelings in the world, its chaos one minute and calm the next. Its unpredictable even though we do our best to schedule and plan every detail and minute there is always a fluctuation that occurs and requires us to be flexible and fluid.

I have heard production be explained as being like the states of water (gas, liquid and solid), an anarchist riot and pure adrenaline, all of which are true at times.

When people ask my why I do this job and why I put up with the crap, long hours, intense personalities and craziness I simply say that ‘it beats having a standard routine desk job’. Sure Im behind a desk part of the day in this job but my office does not exist in just a building, it is the world.

So here is to another fun day on set and whatever chaos it might bring.

MLS Promo 2012 Shoot
NBC Sports
Blink Productions
Canon 5D Mark II
28mm, f/5.6, 1/640th
ISO 1250