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having fun

I am a firm believer in fun and that it should be experienced in all facets of life. Work is one of the few places that most people feel that they can not have fun in this world another is court, but thats a different story.

I have never understood people that say that the workplace is not for fun and that it should be all seriousness all the time. If you are not having fun at work then you should quit your job and go back to doing what you did in High School and College because at least then you were having fun in some regards, granted it was cheap fun.

Recently while trying to get a gear quote for an upcoming shoot I came across this page on Borrowlenses.com and it made me start laughing. This is what Im talking about by having fun at work and enjoying what you do.

Borrow Lenses More Cowbell.

Share and enjoy the fun and remember to find some way to have fun at your job everyday.