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Leer Building


Birmingham, AL


do you love your job?

Jobs not the man but the thing that all of us have to have, unless you are a trust fund baby and even then you have a job in some form or another. We all have to work and find a way to support ourselves and to some extent justify our existence in this world. 


What is it that you do for a job? Is it something that you enjoy or just do to pay the bills? Are you pulling “The Yuppie Nuremberg defense” as Nick Naylor said in ‘Thank you for Smoking’ when asked about your job? 


Why is it that we can’t all find jobs/careers that we truly enjoy going to day in and day out? I remember back in middle school and high school taking tests that would tell you what you ideal career would be and mine gave me a range from Forest Park Ranger to Art Teacher and a lot of other low paying gigs. Sure being a Park Ranger would be fun at times but I don’t think I want to do that till Im 70 years old specially with the way the US government manages the Parks department. 

No ultimately I settled on something that was not about the money or security and went after something I love doing, photography and filmmaking. Along the way its been rough and I have struggled plenty to continue pushing forward with it and even now I barely have a few hundred bucks to my name with lots of student loan debt but I truly love what I do. That love is the only thing that gets me through the weeks and sometimes months of unemployment only to land a quick one or two day gig before another few weeks. When Im constantly on the road working and trying to find some way to pay for the next hotel or next leg of a drive to make it to a possible job interview or meeting knowing that Im doing it for me and not to pay a car note or mortgage makes it worth it. 

Yes Im young and not married nor do I have kids or own a house or loft, but even if I did I would still find a way to do this job. It would mean I would have to be more selective on jobs and fight even harder to stay in one place but it would be a sacrifice worth making because I would now be sharing my love with more than just my job/career. 


So what is it that you love and why are you not doing it full time? Its not a crime if you are not, I walked away from doing photography full time years ago because it started to become more of work than the art for me. Just because its a job/career doesn’t mean that it has to be a drain on you. Image

recent collection of photos

a quick collection at 2012 from my cameras both digital and analogue.


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vices and stress relief

So lately the current show I am on has put a nice level of stress and tension on my otherwise calm psyche and I have had to find new ways of decompressing and venting. This past weekend I got to finally play some golf again, first time in probably a year or so and it felt good. I also spent a fair amount of time with some friends and colleagues just being crazy and goofing off which is always a great way to blow off steam.

But it seems that these few times are not enough as I come back to the office on Monday (even though I worked over the weekend) and the stress level had only marginally gone down from Friday. So I think its time for me to start trying some new ways of relaxing and possibly looking into a few things that I either laughed off earlier in my career or just dismissed because they did not seem like a viable option for me.

Two of those things are Yoga and Pilates and I have attempted both in the past two weeks and come to realize that they can help. No I am not going full blown yoga studio/namaste’ and hippie granola but I think I will start trying to do a session a week, at home first and then maybe actually go to a class sometime after I get a little more control, flexibility and balance first.

My current vices are photography, dancing, bicycling and being around friends and yes sometimes having some good whiskey. Ok the whiskey more than just sometimes but its a great release.

Anyways vices are in everyone’s lives either with running or movies or reading a book. We all have them and most are not a negative influence on us. Its when they stop being a calming effect and instead start causing more problems that we need to step back from them and try something else.

Waiting to ride

common sense vs the shot?

It is safe to say that our (the world) overall intelligence level is probably going down due to a number of reasons but can some of it be related to online photo and video sharing? Below is an example of a few people who obviously do not have a lot of common sense when dealing with wild animals and as the article states this comes shortly after a hiker was killed by a bear that they were trying to photograph. This weekend I saw a report about a few guys doing donuts in the middle of I-285 in downtown Atlanta, GA in memory of a friend who died in a car crash. 


Where has our common sense in society gone? Just because someone shoots a video and puts it up on the internet does not mean that you should go do it yourself. Nor does it mean that you should attempt up close and personal wildlife photos just because a professional gets a shot for National Geographic. 


So please people just because you can share everything on instagram and facebook does not mean one should try and live their life through a cell phone camera lens. 


Kyle Bucher

Canon T2i


1/750 f/5.6 400isoImage

photography lives….

Photography is an art form that transcends language and cultural barriers, its an ad form that most people do not mind seeing everywhere and it will be one of the few media outlets that will always be around. 


More and more often I am seeing rants by photographers about how digital cameras, iPhones, instagram, hipstimatic, craigslist and other websites are destroying the once great art of photography. But lets get real here none of these are taking away from the art, they are simply allowing more people to join in. Normally this would be a great thing but at some point you have an over abundance of photographs and things start to get lost, right? 


Maybe, I do not know for sure if things will be lost or if the art will become downgraded to just photos of sandwiches, mirror shots and funny license plates. If it is then I do not blame the medium or art of photography I blame the photographers and admirers, for they are the ones dictating what should be seen and what should be photographed. Sure if every person who wanted to take a picture had to go out and still buy film, process it and then print it for it to be viewed at a cost of $1 per shot or more then I doubt we would have a lot of pictures that showed what one was eating for lunch everyday. Then again we might not as Im sure there is a photography book out there that focuses on sandwiches or food, so who is to say. 


As a photographer I do not feel that the art is being lost to technology and mass sharing, I do feel though that the techniques and history is being lost. With the rise of new technology and techniques new photographers are making mistakes without even knowing it. I’m not saying every photographer needs to adhere to the rule of thirds every single time or have perfect contrast ratio 100% of the time but ignorance is not an excuse. Too often I see photos that are passed off as happy accidents without the understanding of why it was an accident or how to recreate the shot if needed. No photographer takes perfect photos every time because then what would be the point? One would never learn anything new or see outside the lens for something fresh or slightly different than whats been done already. 


Let us not chastise the new photographers and technology for being what it is, but instead lets embrace it and help teach the roots and history so that we can all continue to explore the art form. Image

New Orleans, LA

Pentax K1000 SE

CN 200 asa film