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What is it that we as a world are fascinated by? Lately it seems our attention has shifted about every 15 minutes as the corporate news organizations find a new topic or subject to shift towards even though they always come back to the same basics, war, sex, greed, celebrity and politics. 


Why is it that these topics fascinate us so much? Is it because we crave the drama and depressing news of how screwed up our world is? CNN has a small video a day called ‘distraction’ and this video is always something cute or funny that creates a short upbeat in an otherwise down day of news. 


What if we flipped that paradigm and instead had news that was mostly upbeat and healthy while the depressing crap was left out? Well then I guess we could equate that to living in a fantasy world where everything is seen through rose colored lenses. I personally do not want to be shielded completely from the horrors of this world or knowing what we need to fix, because if we do that then nothing will ever be fixed. However I am a fan of getting rid of some of the ‘created’ drama and allowing more positive messages to come through. 


Having worked in reality TV for awhile I can safely say that not all programming is pure junk or fiction. Some of it has a positive message and shows people actually trying to better their lives and society. These are the shows that we need to promote and the stories that need to be told. Not the ever indulgent filth that seems to get the best ratings simply because the majority of Americans want to laugh and critique someone else’s life from their couches without feeling any repercussions about their own crap. We are all to eager as a society to watch someone destroy their lives for the sake of money and instant fame (and I use that term loosely) in their search for their 15minutes.


Where do all these retired or discarded reality stars go? Probably the same place as former lottery winners who blow their savings, the depressing state of poor and forgotten in some desolate corner of society. 


Can we not as a society do better? Can we not teach the next generation to be better and learn from our mistakes? We teach in history about the former great civilizations that all crumbled and yet we too are on a path to destruction, why is this? Have we not learned anything? Oh sure we will not be undone by some plague or rival civilization like Macedonia, Aztecs and such but something will bring us to our knees at some point. We were almost their with economic depression decades ago and again almost recently. 


There are more non-profits and organizations today trying to make a stand in their communities for change and we even have a President who campaigned on the word and philosophy so where is it? I am not one to lay it all on one persons head or even one group, nor do I say that its because of one variable. It is because of multiple variables or dominos if you will that have started falling long before I was born and will continue to fall or be pushed over every day until the last hits the floor. We have all contributed and it will take us all to make the change real. 


So my question to everyone is; what is your fascination? What fascinates you enough to help make a change for the better or worse? Will we all continue to be fascinated by the ‘shiny’ (sorry Firefly fans not that shiny) things instead of focusing on the gritty aspects of life that need to be changed? Image