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Break Free music video

Break Free music video

Break Free a music video and track created to support those who have been bullied and to show that there is support for anyone who needs it. 

Please share. 

Break Free music video credits:

Maggie Ballard – @maggieballard47
Anna Marie Odom – @AnnaOdom

Morgan Walston

Produced by:
un inc studios – @unincstudios
Kyle Bucher – @kylephoto

Audio Engineer:
Hunter Hansen

Music Track:
EA Productions – EAProductions20 (youtube)


Redemptive Cycles video

Well the first version of the video is posted on Vimeo and ready for viewing. A longer more in depth version will be coming later after we get a chance to shoot some more footage and do another ride or two.

If you are in the Birmingham, AL area come by and say hi on Saturdays and feel free to support the cause any way that you can. You can them on Facebook and follow on Twitter and Instagram.


Redemptive Cycles Version 1


Thanks for checking it out and feel free to leave any comments, thoughts and Ill even take snyde remarks.