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creative phone uses

So cell phones haven’t been just a phone in years now but now new media artwork can be created on phones. Apple has created a mobile app for their iMovie creation software available for download in the app store and now Nokia has added to the mix with a phone that can, paint?

Here is an article by Fast Company on Nokia’s new phone.

Painting with your phone.

Here is Nokia’s N8 ad.


canon 60d

Well Im a little slow on posting this due to other distractions but I am psyched for the release of another DSLR camera from Canon. This time its the 60d which is basically an upgrade to the T2i camera in capabilities but settle in just under the 7d’s current offerings.

Me personally Im waiting for the second gen 7d to come out to make a decision on upgrading my camera. Of course there is always the rumor of a newer 5d dropping next year at some point as well.

Anyways back to the 60d if you want to know more about it here is a quick little piece from B&H Insights that gives a rundown on the features.

Canon 60d.